Akehurst Dales Stud
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Page last updated  May 30th 2013


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Akehurst Dales Stud was founded in 1973.


Having spent many years studying the breed and after several visits to various breeders, I finally managed to purchase my first two Dales Ponies, who were to become the foundation ponies of my stud. 


Stoneriggs Bobby a yearling colt, by Stainton John II  out of Bleachgreen Dawn and Stoneriggs C-H-S a weanling filly, by Hilton Merry Beau  out of Murton Princess.


These arrived in East Sussex in the Autumn of 1973 and so began many many years of owning, showing and breeeding these lovely ponies. 


In April 2010 the stud moved to Mid-Wales, thus starting a whole new chapter regarding the Akehurst Dales.


 Stoneriggs Bobby


Bobby was my first stallion and I had a lot to learn. His wonderful temperament and easy going nature meant we had few problems.


There were very few Dales at this time in the South of England and he caused a lot of interest around the shows where he was well placed in-hand and ridden. 

Bobby was treated like any other pony and hacked out in any company, he took part in sponsored rides and I even took him in  gymkhana events. Guess what, he won the trotting races!


Sadly he was put down in 1983, suffering from liver damage caused by an earlier illness. He left behind severel great ponies to carry on his name here at the stud, Akehurst Robin and Akehurst Primrose to name two.  

Stoneriggs C-H-S   ( Winnie )  See "My Special Girls"



Winnie bred me 13 foals and lived until 33years old. A sweet natured mare with a very strong personality, which she passed on to her children. She could spot an open field gate and be out like a flash!


Shown very lightly, as a problem as a yearling left her with balance problems and she found travelling stressful. She was not backed until 18 years old, when an extra pony was needed for riding and Winnie was not in foal that year. That was when we discovered where her son Robin got his buck from!


Many of her foals went on to do well in the show ring, Robin, Primrose, Storm Boy and Windy Lad to mention just a few.


Winnie is sadly missed but not forgotten, as nearly every pony here is one of her descendants

Winnie with daughter, May-Blossom, G Daughter May-Queen, GGDaughter Daleshope Sugarsnap Chloe,GGGDaughter Daleshope Charoite Jade




Winnie at the age of 18, gets ridden for the first time.


Winnie's daughter Primrose, 29yrs, with her grandson Rory.








And Primrose is still looking after the grandchildren, this time Granddaughter Rose-Mary.




Primrose was put down in February 2011










New for 2011


Self Catering Riding and Walking holidays


See holiday page








 I hope you find this web site interesting, having been breeding Dales for over 30 years there was a lot to fit in, so I appologise if it goes on a bit!



The stud and farm moved to mid Wales in April 2010


Post Code LD2 3PN 


        If you would like more info on my stud please make

   contact me, Delia Weedon


       jweedon6@gmail.com   Or Tel 01597 860768


 Visitors welcome, the ponies love showing off.





             Dales in France  www.kingmaker-dales.com/  



and if you want to find out more about the breed www.dalesponysociety.org



                Dales in Kent East and West Sussex See the Dales Pony Society Area 7 Web Site.





Akehurst Robin with dad Stoneriggs Bobby






"Here come the girls"




The Dales have arrived in Wales!